TRACE Analytics GmbH is a leading provider of online analysis systems for biotech applications in research, development and production.

Based on our own research and development work, robust and easy to maintain devices and process connections are realized for monitoring and control of complex fermentation processes in industrial pharmaceutical productions under continuous measurement conditions.

Online Monitoring / Sampling / PAT


Our technologies are succesfully applied in cell cultivations and microbial fermentations at all levels of the process chain - from research and development to large scale production.

Our online analyzing systems are fulfilling the special demands of biotechnological processes enabling a fast realization of PAT and QbD strategies.

Our sampling systems are reliable interfaces to the process - independent from reactor geometry and process volume. Cell-free and cell-containing samples can be withdrawn automatically. 

Our international customer base is ranging from global players in the pharmaceutical industry, renowned biotech-companies to numerous universities and high-tech research organisations.



Network "Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies"

TRACE Analytics GmbH is partner in the ZIM-Cooperation Network Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies.



Extension of the TRACE C2 Control with the option to monitor up to four different bioreactors.


Events 2017

BioTech 2017 in W├Ądenswil, CH

Sensor Technology and Online Analytics to Enhance (Bio)Process...



Online-Controlling of Glucose in Cultivations and Fermentations

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