Process optimization by the use of substrate feeding strategies with an integrated online glucose measuring tool

In the biotechnological production of market-relevant industrial chemicals, fed- batch fermentation is a common method to obtain high cell densities and thus higher space-time yield. On this occasion, substrate supply is an important parameter for process regulation. Glucose is the most important substrate for microorganisms and animal cell lines in bioprocesses. Integrated glucose monitoring tool TRACE C2 Control is used to keep the substrate concentration on a defined level ... read more

Presented at BioProcessing Days in Recklinghausen, February 2016

Online-Controlling of Glucose in Cultivations and Fermentations

Glucose is used as substrate for many microbial and eukaryotic cells. In cell cultivations and microbial fermentations the glucose concentration has to be monitored. Furthermore it is beneficial to control the glucose concentration on a certain level to reduce the formation of by-products. In most of the processes low glucose concentrations in the medium will be preferred ... read more

Presented at EuroPACT in Barcelona, May 2014

Online-Ethanol and Online-Methanol Measurements in Fermentation Processes

Ethanol and methanol are products of various microorganisms. Depending on the process they can be main product, by-product, or can be used as inducer. In a lot of processes it is important to monitor the amount of ethanol or methanol in order to know the end point of the fermentation or to avoid a toxic concentration inside the fermentation broth. For some ... read more

Presented at the Frühjahrstagung der Biotechnologen in Frankfurt, March 2013

On-line glucose measurement in disposable bioreactors

The use of disposables in biopharmaceutical processes has increased significantly during the last few years, both for improved performance and for the economic advantages they offer. However, there is a need for additional sensors that will enable the disposable process to be integrated in compliance with the latest Process Analytical Technologies. TRACE... read more

Presented at the Biopharmaceuticals in Benediktbeuern, May 2010

Prozessoptimierung in der Biotechnologie

Moderne Methoden der Prozessführung ermöglichen die gezielte und aufwandsarme Optimierung von Prozessparametern, die vorher nicht zufriedenstellend kontrolliert werden konnten. Die Erfahrungsberichte von Anwendern bestätigen die Beschleunigung der Prozessentwicklung und die Leistungssteigerung von Fermentationsprozessen. Weiterlesen ...

Veröffentlichung im BIOforum Ausgabe September 2010 

Single-use bioreactor for high density bacterial fermentation

Single-use bioreactors have many advantages for R&D fermentation process development. Rapid system implementation, increased flexibility in size and turn-around, reduced infrastructure, reduced cross contamination risk and minimized maintenance requirement are main drivers... read more

Presented at the RPP6 conference University of BOKU in Vienna in February 2011



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Online-Controlling of Glucose in Cultivations and Fermentations

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